Rye Field to Loaf Workshop by Helen Holmes

DATE: 7th August 2021 9:30AM to 6:30PM

COST: £140

From our organic fields we will harvest our beautiful tall rye traditionally with sickles. We will thresh by bike power, winnow in an antique hand cranked machine, stone mill the whole rye grains and bake the lovely fresh creamy rye flour into sourdough loaves on our wood fired cob oven made from clay and straw from right here on the farm .

We will tour our heritage and unusual cereal trial plots which include rye accessions from around the world, home saved rye populations, wheats such as Maris Widgeon, Squareheads Master and the YQ population. We will discuss cereal agronomy and how its possible to grow on a small scale, organically for your loaves at home.

These diverse rye populations lend themselves very well to a wide vairiety of recipes, which we will tasted and bake, from pumpernickels to sweet rye treats. There will be table top mills to try out, and we'll look at different ways to process and work with rye berries. 

You'll leave the workshop with a freshly baked loaf, recipes and field guide to growing your own grain and seed for milling or planting.

Looking forward to sharing a communal day of learning, harvesting and baking with you.

Course facilitators:
Helen Holmes, Farmer

Helen's bread and butter is growing organic veg but they seem to grow more and more unusual cereals on the farm each year. Helen loves to collect old grain processing equipment and revive it for use, and enjoys empowering people to grow their own patch of cereals. She is looking forward to seeing our unusual ryes flower this year and creating a delicious tasting and weed suppressing rye population for the future.

Nick Fradgley, Breeder

Nick is a researcher and crop breeder currently doing a PhD at NIAB and the University of Cambridge. He has previously worked at Wakelyns agroforestry and the Organic Reasearch Centre where he helped develop the YQ wheat population and is currently creating new resources for open source crop breeding.

Mahala Le May, Baker

Mahala has worked as a baker and cookery teacher for the past 8 years across the UK. Her love for flavoursome whole grains has motivated her interested in diverse, locally produced cereals and exploration of small scale food supply chains. She is excited to share her experience of working with freshly milled flours and whole grains. Mahala can't wait to bake delicious rye based recipes and discuss all things baked with the group on the day

Looking forward to sharing a communal day of learning, harvesting and baking!

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