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Hello , I am Paul , founder of Waterland Organics. For over 20 years now I have been growing organically in the Cambridgeshire Fens .  The journey has been long but has not finished . Hopefully , this blog will give you an insight into what do and the place where we do it ; It's grimness and its equisite beauty

By pauljonathan, Mar 23 2013 09:29PM

As I write the wind wraps itself around our house like a wrestler , attempting to rob our very souls of the warmth of life . We will not give in . As in the Seventies Big Daddy never gave in to Giant Haystacks ,nor will we . We may fall , we may even take a hard knock or two but we will not be bowed . We will not give in . In this spirit , whenever possible outdoor planting has continued on our own or with that happy band of helpers , Cambridge Cropshare who , heads down , teeth gritted and facing the wind got stuck in and kept on planting til the planting was done . The windy Cambridgeshire Fens will not put up with wimps on her black fertile soil . Only the most country hardened stoic individuals are allowed to inhabit her hallowed earth and Cambridge Cropshare are of this elite breed . More broad beans need to be planted , potato land needs ploughing and onion sets need to be pressed in ,but these like the Labours of Hercules will be met with a conviction of ‘can do , will do’ and they will be done .

By pauljonathan, Mar 23 2013 08:52PM

This winter thing is going on a bit and the veg in our veg bags is recurring on a weekly basis . What you do with it shouldn't . With all this bad weather you sometimes want something more salady . The potatoes make a tasty potato salad with cumin seeds and mayonaise . Coleslaw with the carrots and cabbage (which is crunchy) and sunflower seeds . Boiled beetroot cooled and covered in balsamic vinegar or mayonaise . Don't just see the veg , see the vegetables infinit possibilities !

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