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Hello , I am Paul , founder of Waterland Organics. For over 20 years now I have been growing organically in the Cambridgeshire Fens .  The journey has been long but has not finished . Hopefully , this blog will give you an insight into what do and the place where we do it ; It's grimness and its equisite beauty

Crop News

By pauljonathan, Mar 23 2013 09:43PM


Broad beans , overwintered onions and garlic have so far got through the winter unscathed . Parsnips , some carrots , beetroot and more beans have been sown in odd dry periods over the last few weeks . As yet , they have not shown above the ground which , the weather being like it is , must be a blessing from on high . In the ground they are relatively safe though rotting is always a possibility but in our ground, this is very rare . Lambs have been born and are nice and toasty in the polytunnel . More are due but thankfully not quite yet.

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