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Hello , I am Paul , founder of Waterland Organics. For over 20 years now I have been growing organically in the Cambridgeshire Fens .  The journey has been long but has not finished . Hopefully , this blog will give you an insight into what do and the place where we do it ; It's grimness and its equisite beauty

Could do with a bit of rain and now we have got it .

By pauljonathan, Apr 12 2013 09:22AM

Things have been moving apace this week . With the Cropshare volunteers doing an amazing job on the onion set and broad bean planting . Me getting the potatoes planted , even though the planter played up , things are looking much better . And now this bit of rain will get the sown parsnips , beans , carrots and beetroot moving . I cant wait to see them . Yes , that is how sad I am . I am really looking forward to see them emerge . The Autumn sown beans are coming on apace and look better with every day that passes . The new chickens are laying more and more eggs , light rain is falling , sun is shining (on and off) , lambs are jumping up and down as though on pogo sticks and the soil is warm enough for me to put my bottom on(long johns up , of course!) . What more could any middle aged fenland farmer want.

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